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Welcome To Satyam Computer Education

Satyam Computer Educaton is a leading institute

which provides complete study material and total practical training. The classes are handled by highly qualified experienced instructors. The diploma course has an hour’s theory class and two hours of practical. There is a fast track course for those, who want to complete their course in 7-8 months. Classes are held in mornings or evenings for those already employed.

Satyam Computer education established in 2008 under society Act 21,1860. Aims to create a conductive, enabling academic environment to facilitate and motivate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present generation and to develop educational means by which people of present generation can deal with practically and creatively with reality and can create innovative ideas to deal with the transformation of present world.

A strong tradition of academic research and an ambience that favours scholarly activity have been important elements in making the Institute a most attractive place for students and faculty.

The Institute offers a variety of Master´s degree programs in Engineering, an integrated Ph.D. (post-B.Sc.) program in Sciences and Ph.D. programs in a wide spectrum of disciplines in science and engineering. Last year the Institute launched a 4-year undergraduate program leading to a B.S. degree, with an opportunity for students to obtain a broad foundation in science, including an exposure to research. The research laboratories at the Institute are extremely well equipped. Many national facilities are housed at the Institute.

Our objective

  • To impart high-quality, Career-oriented and examination-oriented education to students using the latest technology for optimization of teaching resources and saving the valuable time of the students.
  • To help students in understanding, developing, integrating and applying both core and specialized concepts and practices.
  • To provide students with a stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere so that they can specialize in various areas of study and practice.
  • To produce energetic, effective, efficient and ethically-driven qualified professionals of international standard to serve the society.